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I have spoken to top companies, executive groups and top universities and business schools worldwide. A partial list includes: PACCAR, The Straumann Group, HP, Becton Dickinson, Ford, GE, Merial, Bank of Singapore, Stanford Business School, The Schwarzman Scholars, FUSE Corps Executive Fellows, IE Business School, The Female Entrepreneur Society Saigon (Vietnam), VID21 (Australia), Natera Women, Skill Up with Design at Business (Brazil), ISDI Executive Education, The Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (Lebanon), ESADE, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, India School of Business (ISB), Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ohio State University, Santa Clara University (California, USA). 

In addition, my views have been featured across international media (Partial List: Bloomberg, El Pais, CCTV, Forbes, Korea Business Times) and -- outside of hosting renowned guests on 97% Effective -- I have appeared on dozens of leading podcasts (partial list: The Unstoppable CEO with Steve Gordon, Leveraging Thought Leadership with Peter Winick, Curious Minds with Gayle Allen, The Remarkable Leadership Podcast with Kevin Eickenberry, Disrupt Your Career with Claire Harbour, LIFT with Richard Newman, Career Stewardship with Michael Melcher, Career Can Do with Mary Ann Faremouth, The Leadership Project with Mick Spiers, Leading from the Front with Dr. Gary McGrath)

The Rock, the Map and the Snowball:
Harnessing the Evidence to Propel your Career and Get More Done

Drawing from my new book Get Promoted, I share my 3-part Power Framework. I examine what actually drives success (and why we don’t believe it), and how to take those insights and apply them to become more effective at work, propel personal and career success, and break glass ceilings. I draw from both research and patterns I have detected working with thousands of diverse, global executives.

Unconventional Truths about Leadership

The leadership industry is rife with conventional wisdom and feel good advice that is well intentioned but misguided, and often bears little resemblance to reality. Rising leaders and organizations need to understand why this is dangerous, and what they should do instead. I highlight the harsh truth about how organizations really work – so we can use that knowledge to get more done, and to better address and mitigate the downsides that those hard truth may produce.

Communicating with Impact

Warren Buffet once said that poor communication is like winking in the dark. Studies show communication is the most harshly judged leadership skill. It’s true: What use is a good idea if you can’t communicate it, or those who matter aren’t persuaded to take action? I unpack what leads to executive presence, makes ideas stick, and causes you and your ideas to get th attention and backing it deserves.

What the West Should be Learning from China

Close to 25 years ago I wrote in Newsweek that the West needed to wake up and pay attention to China. Since then I have urged Western executives to not only study the country and it’s companies, but to learn from – even copy – them. China’s impact on the world is undeniable: we are faced with a lifetime of inescapable engagement. How can you get your mind around China, and what might you be missing, that you need to pay attention to?

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