Using research based-methods, I help executives rethink their assumptions about power and authenticity to become more effective at work.

My writing and executive coaching has been featured at: Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Stanford Business School, IE Business School.

My Executive Coaching clients work in the USA, Western Europe, Asia and Australia, across industries, at Fortune 500 to family owned firms.

I have spoken to leaders, top Business Schools and companies across the globe: Ford, Merial, HP, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bank of Singapore, Becton Dickinson, GE, Qiagen, FUSE, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, CEIBS, IE Business School, ESADE, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and leading universities across China.

Most importantly: How can I help you?

Are you:
– Smart and work hard, but not getting ahead at work – and see less competent peers rise above you?
– Transitioning to a new role, where it’s critical to be strategic and set the right tone in the first 90 days?
– Sense a shift coming (new management/takeover) and want to be ahead of the change – or worse, been de-railed and trying to recover?
– Skeptical of “authenticity” and want to understand power dynamics, so you can better play the political “game” to become more effective at work and advance your career faster?

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