I help executives re-examine their assumptions about power and authenticity to get promoted, become more effective at work, and break glass ceilings holding them back.

I focus on Building Power, Navigating Politics and Managing Up.

My writing and speaking on leadership and power has been featured in the world’s leading arenas, including: Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Stanford Business School, IE Business School.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, I served 20 years in senior roles with multinationals in the U.S. (Silicon Valley), China and Europe. I hold an MBA from Stanford Business School, and trained in coaching at Columbia University (3CP).

Most importantly: How can I help you?

Are you:

  • Smart and work hard, feel like you are doing all the “right” things, but not getting ahead at work – and seeing less competent peers rise above you?
  • Taking on a new, high-stakes role and will work alongside savvy and skilled senior leaders – and know the skills that got you to where you are, won’t serve you now?
  • Sensing a shift coming (new management/takeover) and want to be ahead of the change – or worse, upset about getting de-railed, and want to get back on track?
  • Aware that power and politics is critical to success, but you are uneasy with these topics – or feel you can’t be authentic and still get ahead in your organization?
  • A woman or minority rising in your company – the system feels stacked against you, and you are not clear on how to navigate unspoken barriers to break into the top ranks.

My clients are smart, hardworking global leaders, from senior managers to the C-Suite. They want to get promoted, break barriers and get more done — but can’t figure out exactly what they are missing.

I help them get ahead, get what they deserve — and master the skills and strategies to excel at the top.

Clients who have worked with me have gotten promoted, received outsized bonuses and raises, successfully launched major transformations — and get approached for highly coveted roles, assignments and career opportunities, during and continuing well beyond our engagements.

What are you really missing, that’s holding you back at work?

Most executives shy away from power and politics. The mere words – power, politics – and the areas associated with it like influence, networking, executive presence, communicating with impact, visibility, self-promotion, sponsorship, personal branding, leaning-in, managing conflict and opposition  – makes many of us uncomfortable.

Many executives would rather keep their head down, do great work. They therefore spend less time on the skills and strategies that would best serve them.

The evidence is clear: Building power, navigating politics, and managing key stakeholders are the top skills needed to survive and thrive in the leadership ranks.  

Most leadership advice (“be authentic, transparent, vulnerable.. a servant”) makes us feel good. It is well-intended but misguided — because it is based on how we wish the world to be – not on how it actually works.

Executives need a pragmatic, evidenced-based approach to rise and excel in the highest levels — which is where I focus.

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