I Help Corporate Executives Ethically Leverage Power and Politics to ASCEND

If you feel stalled and frustrated that you're not moving up faster -- or not moving the needle at work -- the real block might surprise you.

My new book Get Promoted: What You're Really Missing At Work That's Holding You Back has the answer...  Learn more and download the First Chapters for Free, HERE.

Feeling stuck?  Need that extra edge?

I hear from talented executives every day who are frustrated, confused, and frankly tired of watching others land promotions and get more recognition, while they feel stuck, under appreciated, and overlooked.

I also hear from executives who are moving into high-stakes roles and situations. They know they need a new set of skills to get the edge to succeed, but they struggle to pinpoint what those are.

I don't want that to be you. I want you to master the mindset and strategies to excel at the highest levels. 

The hard truth is that you haven't been told what really propels you and enables you to get big things done. The notion that authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, and good work are the keys to corporate success is simply not true...

You need a pragmatic approach, one grounded in evidence, to help you succeed.

If I have your attention, here's what you should do next...

1. Start to read my new book, Get Promoted.

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As a result of working with Michael, I got promoted to a new and exciting role in my company. Before working with Michael, I probably wouldn't have even tried for the position, but he helped me network, create stakeholder maps and prep for interviews. And I got the job!

BM, Head of Innovation - Major Industrial Firm

I help executives achieve three goals:

  • Get Promoted
  • Get Big Things Done
  • Get What They Want

As seen in...

My new book, get your copy

I’ve developed a practical, evidenced-based approach to navigating your way as you rise in the ranks…

In my new book Get Promoted I present the evidence of how you can achieve success through my 3-part Power Framework. You’ll see exactly how to shift your mindset, assess your current position, and develop a strategic approach to hit your goals.

While you will use tools to skillfully influence, build power and navigate politics, I promise the approach I’ll show you is 100% ethical and designed for people who don’t always feel comfortable with these topics.

Advance Praise for GET PROMOTED

“A must-read for anyone who wants to accelerate their career...” —Dorie Clark, Top 50 Business Thinkers in the World (Thinkers50), Author WSJ Bestseller The Long Game

“If you look critically at what Michael suggests — and put it into practice - you will move the needle on your career and your initiatives...” —Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President IE University.

“This... will help readers to turn knowledge about power and organizational realities into effective actions.” —Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and author of 7 Rules of Power


Discover the
3-Part Power Framework


Before you can make progress you must accept the hard truth that organizations, even yours, operate on power dynamics... And that    you are probably getting in your own way.


To get ahead you need to understand the “lay of the land”…identify and manage key relationships ... and see how power can help you achieve your goals.


When you take small, strategic and intentional actions to build power and make critical relationships work in your organization, you start to roll “The Snowball” and quickly build momentum.

Michael pulls out things in me that I wouldn't otherwise do myself...

"We don't know what we don't know - it's very important to have somebody nudge you in the right direction, and that is what you have been doing for me."


Regional Director
Global 100 Tech Firm


Go to Michael if you have the courage to hear the truth...

"...the grit to work through what he recommends and the commitment to keep practicing your learnings. If you don't then don't waste your time or money as you may not be ready for the change you wish!



Healthcare Industry


I got a huge promotion to a job that I love...

"You really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, take actions on things that I would not naturally be inclined to do, and open myself to organizational power dynamics."


Finance Executive

Higher Education