Spectacular (But Very Contrarian) Advice

Win the “jury in your head” to gain credibility — Don’t be Authentic — and Focus on body language and tone.

Spectacular advice from award-winning trial lawyer Heather Hanser, and startup CEO Coach Alisa Cohn in Forbes, on advocating for yourself, winning and leading.

Their article is counter-intuitive but spot on, highlighting what a lot of the “feel-good leadership industry” overlooks.

Article Link HERE.

Women Fall Behind Early at Work: 3 Things We Can Do About That

More than the glass ceiling, it’s the first rung that sets women behind.

Excellent article by Vanessa Fuhrmans on what companies and individuals can do to address the gap, which growing research shows leads to better financial performance.

3 actionable takeaways:

– “Just putting your head down and doing the work” won’t get you ahead. Build key relationships and get known. Bias is real.

– “Assemble your own career ladder.” Get mentors and be strategic.. identify and take on jobs that can accelerate your career, like managing high profile clients or building a business (vs being steered into support roles).

– for Companies: “Apply the same rigour to cultivating junior female managers.” Identify what roles and actions are springboards, position people to succeed – and track the data.

The findings, from the 2019 McKinsey & Company and Lean-In Report, map closely to what I see in my Executive Coaching practice, and the strategies outlined long ago by Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer in his Stanford University course on Power.

Full article in the Wall Street Journal, HERE.