Spectacular (But Very Contrarian) Advice

Win the “jury in your head” to gain credibility — Don’t be Authentic — and Focus on body language and tone.

Spectacular advice from award-winning trial lawyer Heather Hanser, and startup CEO Coach Alisa Cohn in Forbes, on advocating for yourself, winning and leading.

Their article is counter-intuitive but spot on, highlighting what a lot of the “feel-good leadership industry” overlooks.

Article Link HERE.

What Most Executive Coaches Don’t Tell You

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A pleasure to be interviewed by Steve Gordon, Founder of the Unstoppable CEO, on his widely followed podcast.

Great discussion where we talked about.…

  • Why nice guys or gals don’t have to finish last – if they do this…
  • The reason simply working hard is never enough
  • The “North Star” you need to keep you on track in the toughest times
  • 4+ primary habits of the most successful people
  • And more…

Download and listen to the full podcast HERE.

Want to enhance your Personal Leadership?


If you are interested in Leadership or the world-renowned STANFORD Exec Ed LEAD Certificate, join us for a free 2-week Course preview.

I coach in the Stanford Exec Ed LEAD Program and will facilitate the Leading Effective Teams Preview with Professor Brian Lowery, which will be part of the newly launched year-long PERSONAL LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE.

The preview kicks off with a Live Session, Thurs March 29 @9-10 AM Pacific. To join and for more info: https://stanfordlead.novoed.com/leadpreview-teams

Increasing your Empathy


I just finished facilitating the Design Thinking Preview for Stanford Exec Education.

If you missed the final Live Session (Intro to Design Thinking), you can watch the recording HERE.

My coaching and the session covered topics including: How to Ask Better Questions, Crafting a strong POV (Point of View), What to look for in your User’s Journey…

Great to collaborate with Stanford LEAD and Prof Zenios once again.