Why This Country (Not The USA) Will Be First To Adopt Driverless Cars

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Two Silicon Valley executives have a friendly bet on when a commercially available autonomous car will transport them within Las Vegas, with no intervention from a human driver. The more bullish one has placed his bet on May 27, 2024.

A driverless future will happen sooner than 2024, and it won’t happen first in the US, Europe or Japan.

It will happen first in [read the article, published in Forbes, HERE]

What Westerners Don’t Get about Doing Business in China


I spoke to the founding team – western and Chinese – that set up United Family Hospitals, China’s leading premium private healthcare network.

Here’s what they said about their keys to success – and why the hospital remains as relevant as ever 20 years later.

Published in China Currents, a Journal of the China Research Center.

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