What you don’t hear about Crisis Communications (Podcast)

Proud to be interviewed by Nicky and Dave, where I shared:

1) Who you should take care of first, *before* taking care of your employees, 2) Why and when you should be inauthentic, and 3) The first — and most important — question to ask people around you …


Your weekend podcast listen [25 min – time stamps below]. Thank you to David Smith and Nicole Catchpole for inviting me — and hearing out my contrarian views on #leadership:

Time stamps:
1:20 “What do leaders need to keep mind during crises like now?”

2:10 Who leaders should take care of first.

4:00 When you may wish to be “inauthentic” 

5:35 Leadership lessons from NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, and U.S. rapper Killer Mike. 

9:15 Nicky and Michael: How cultures are different — and is there is a “crisis” playbook?

15:50 Dave and Michael discuss how expressing anger can work for you…

19:00 Michael shares a powerful phrase you can use to connect to employees.

22:00 Dave and Nicki explore work-life balance, and Michael shares how constraints and limits imposed by the pandemic may actually lead to better change, faster.

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