Answers to Questions on Webinar: “Advance your career faster”

I’ve had a few questions about Wednesday’s presentation, so I thought I’d post the answers.

Here we go…

#1. “Why is “authenticity” not working?” Being open, trustful, transparent and positive may feel good, but is often terrible advice and can damage key relationships. The goal is to be more pragmatic in your approach … I’ll cover more on the webinar tomorrow, and lay out what you should be doing instead.

#2. “Who will benefit from what you’re going to share?” Good question. You’ll get the most out of tomorrow’s talk when…

– You’re feeling frustrated because you’re not advancing as fast as you think you should.

– You watch less competent peers get moved up faster than you.

– You’re in the midst of a transition to more responsibility and leadership.

– You’ve been derailed or sense a shift coming (new management, company was bought, PE was brought in).

– You’re planning or seeking a major role shift.

Or, if you just want a concise refresher on power dynamics and improving your organizational agility.

#3. “How long is the presentation?” I’ve got about an hour of material, then we’ll have time for questions about your specific situation at the end.

#4. “What’s the Power Map?” It’s a tool I created to help you map out the power relationships around you, that will lead you to your goals.

#5. “I am happy where I am / in a small company without politics / am job seeking or just starting career … Will this be useful for me?” It’s a dangerous myth that you are secure in your position and immune to politics. Understanding how to build a power base is critical to surviving and thriving in today’s world.

#6. “Is there a cost to attend?” No. I’m sharing this with a small group of my friends and colleagues that I thought would benefit.

#7. “Can I invite someone else?” Absolutely. I am very passionate that more people hear this important message.

If you’ve not already registered do so now:


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